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4 Location River Tubing in Bali

4 Location River Tubing in Bali – Tubing is one of the new activities in Bali, you probably still do not really know with this activity, the activity is the same tubing with river rafting using the media as a in. Tubing activity also use a rubber boat but round and only be climbed by 1 or 2 people only, but different of Rafting more than 2 people, for tubing in Bali do not use the paddle to tools in the game river tubing suitable for those who want to experience new activities in Bali and for now many travel agents and tour agents enter the tubing as they travel tour packages in Bali

The following are four locations tubing in bali


River Tubing in Penet River

River Tubing in Penet river located at Tanah Wuk, Sangeh. With natural water and the rural environment, guest can experience an unforgettable journey, the riding the river for 3.5 km, and duration 1,5 until 2 hours.with nature and green lush vegetation, driting in the river its unexpected wild waters and waterfalls.starting point will be at Br jemeng samuan Carang Sari and finish point at Tanah Wuk Sangeh

Tubing in Ayung River

Tubing in Ayung River located at Begawan village Kedewatan Ubud. Your Tubing is start from lobby with rice field view, we will walk through the rice field and walk dwon for 15 minutes to get our start point just side of Ayung River. Our bali tubing long trip will offer an excellent adventure of 3 hour trip at ayung river. After finish the your trip, tasty buffet lunch in restaurant

Pekerisan River

Pekerisan River Our start point from Tampaksiring Village Ubud Bali, enjoy the adventure Bali Tubing, tracing Authenticity Pekerisan River along 4,5 km and Duration 1,5 hours.enjoy the river water is sourced from springs saints, clear and fres.and the river a have to 7 rapids and giving nwe inspiration unforgettable andventure and know bette the authenticity Pekerisan River with a variety of tropical plant life as a world heritage site, lets enjoy bali tubing

Bali Canyon Tubing

Bali Canyon Tubing the great canyon adventure located in Payangan Village at Siap River, drift down by your own infantable to discover the fresh wild forest with a group monkeys, dan some rare species of birds.Many kinds plants and flower grow. Bali Canyon Tubing included with flyng fox experience. Before start the adventure canyon tubing, the professional staff of Bali Canyon Tubing will give your detailed safety instructions for tubing and flyng fox. Some places at siap river will makes to difucult to stay in your own tube.and there constructed flyng fox and you will anable to fly through the canyon. Flying fox simultaneously constructed wooden footpaths pass the obstacles so everybody.

So if you take a holiday in bali do not forget to try this activity at Bali Tubing

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