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Differences Bali Tubing with Rafting

Everyone must know the name of Rafting activities in Bali and there is one activity that is in Bali named Tubing, this activity is done in the river

Also but this activity is different from Rafting

And here are some that distinguish between rafting and tubing is

If the rafting in a boat contains between 4 to 6 people on the boat, while tubing in a boat containing 1 to 2 people

If rafting on guys by the guide, and if tubing without a guide

If Rafting guide is in the boat, and if the guide tubing in every rapids

If rafting using padlle while tubing does not use padlle

If the river rafting is in use must be wide, while the tubing of the river is slightly smaller than the river raftingnya

Vacation in bali is very fun in addition to the object of temple tour there are many other activities one of which is Tubing, Bali Tubing Adventures is an activity that can be said new in bali because not so many who know this activity

Bali Tubing Adventures is an activity that is so fun as long as in the river the water is only in the 2nd and 3rd levels and also the river that is used for tubing there is also the jeram and the challenge is different from the sperti rafting and during the tubing activities the tourists will pass through a hall so narrow that only the boat the size of tubing is different from the rafting that the river is large and wide

So friends of tourists who want a holiday to Bali do not forget to try  Bali Tubing activities in the River Pekerisan at located in the village tampaksiring near from ubud.after completing the activities of Bali Tubing Adventures tourists can also go to the tourist spot like as Tirta Empul Temple, and Gunung Kawi Temple

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